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Nanofiber Electrospinning Machine

Progene Link is the one-stop solution centre that provides a full range of nanofiber electrospinning machine. We are the authorized distributor of lab-scale electrospinning units from Nanolab Malaysia. We also provide pre-consultation services, after-sales training, and upskilling for other ranges of products as well. Electrospinning is a versatile and cost-effective process for creating ultrathin fibers. Electrospinning technology and electrospun nanofibers have evolved to fulfil the requirements of a wide range of novel applications. Progene Link works tirelessly to deliver cost-effective nanofiber electrospinning machine throughout Malaysia and worldwide. Furthermore, Progene Link intends to provide a diverse spectrum of electrospinning technologies. With our close partnership with Nanolab Malaysia, rest assured that you will get full technical support from us to ensure long-lasting and cost-effective operation of the machine. Please contact us if you have any further questions or need more information about our lab-scale electrospinning machine.

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