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industrial electrospinning machine

We understand the limited resources available to multinational corporations and technological institutes for their research and development. Progene Link distributes a comprehensive range of industrial electrospinning machine for polymer solutions and melts, including lab setups, pilot production equipment, and mass-production units. Nanofiber electrospinning is a technique used to create ultra-fine fibers with diameters ranging from 20 to 1000nm. Our industrial electrospinning machine is aimed toward the process design of core-shell and plain nanofibers and nanoparticles, developed and designed based on our full research knowledge in electrospinning and electrospraying techniques, at a very competitive price, being the most acceptable choice to deal with laboratory research, critical to success in building breakthrough Coaxial electrospraying & electrospinning processes. Progene Link takes pride in having an experienced and professional support team that collaborates closely with our clients to help them reach their objectives. Contact us for more information about industrial electrospinning machine. 

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