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Who Are We

For nearly 20 years, Progene Link has established a wide network of customer base in Malaysia and other countries in South East Asia. We provide a solution to the needs of our clients or partners through supply of tools or equipment, support, collaborative work or partnership opportunities to develop and commercialize end products. Researchers, Aspired Technopreneurs and Industrialists in biotechnology, biomedical and nanotechnology sectors are our main clients or partners.

Our Strength

Beyond sales and marketing, Progene Link emphasizes on good technical support and services for all products under its distribution. Informative webinars, training and workshops are regularly held as customer support activities. Progene Link is an advocate of innovation and new technologies, and we work closely with our clients through inception of ideas till materialization of the final products.

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DIY Electrospinning

Preferred Industrial Partner

Over the years, Progene Link has progressed from a trading company for biotechnology and nanotechnology equipment in Malaysia to become the preferred industrial partner to many higher learning institutions and government organizations.

DIY Electrospinning

Creativity, Flexibility and Efficiency

Progene Link is unique in her business approach whereby she can be a supplier, partner or even a customer to her clients. We practice creativity, flexibility and efficiency as we walk through from ideas to solutions with our clients.

BMG Microplate Reader Distributor

A microplate reader is a laboratory instrument for measuring chemical, biological, or physical reactions, characteristics, and analytes within a microplate well. A microplate is made up of tiny wells in which different reactions occur. Progene Link has partnered with BMG LABTECH to supply high-quality microplate readers for academic and high-throughput laboratories in Malaysia. Progene Link is an authorized distributor of BMG LABTECH microplate reader in Malaysia. Progene Link prioritizes technical assistance and services for all goods distributed by the company. We exercise originality, adaptability, and agility as we guide our clients from ideas to solutions. BMG LABTECH microplate reader are utilized in environmental research, as well as in the food and cosmetics industries, in addition to biological, biochemical, and pharmacological research in both academic and industrial settings. To know more about the microplate reader, please contact us.

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Our Clients

What Client Say About Us

"Progene Link Sdn Bhd is essentially like your friendly neighborhood service provider – always happy to help, suggests workshops and webinars, gently reminds you to maintain the reader properly, and is there for you in your time of need”
Associate Prof. Dr Crystale Lim Siew Ying
UCSI University